Holy Ground’s Mission, Vision and Values


To shelter and mentor homeless, pregnant or parenting young women, and their children, living in Palm Beach County who are willing to make positive changes in their lives


To empower and transform the lives of young women and their children by fostering generational change that contributes towards breaking the cycle of homelessness, poverty and teen pregnancy.


Our organizational values inform and direct decisions concerning client services, operations and community relations. We believe that these values have proven themselves in the past, guide our actions in the present and will lead our organization into the future.

1) Respect and compassion, to demonstrate and inspire respect and compassion for others, regardless of age, race or personal creed

2) Integrity and honesty, to model and demand accountability and transparency in our interactions with our clients and each other while remaining mission-driven

3) Commitment to physical safety, to provide safe living and workplace environments

4) Adaptability and effectiveness, as a growing organization striving for excellence, to remain flexible and to be open to change regarding how to best meet our clients’ evolving needs while remaining true to our vision and mission

5) Hope and positivity, to foster an atmosphere of inspiration, trust and hope to those we serve, those within our organization and those in our community, while encouraging good stewardship of resources, time, finances and the environment