Board of Directors 2019-20


Executive Committee

President – Jan Kranich

Vice President – Lonnie Martens

Treasurer – Barbara Richardson

Secretary – Janice Morey

Administrator of Fr. Arthur Obin OMI Scholarship Fund – Claudine Cotton


Board Members

Brenda Byrd

Johanna Campana

Bell Cirius

Carmen Garcia

KaShamba Miller-Anderson

Rev. Seamus Murtagh

Laurie Nugent

Kelly White



Executive Director

Phyllis Turner Jepson, LPN, BPS

Development Director/Vocational Director

Angela Wing-Allen, MS, JCTC

Case Manager

Diane McLaughlin Wimbrow

Executive Assistant

Jonetha Curtis

Clinical Director

B. Carol Lazarus, LMHC (on contract)

Licensed Psychotherapist

Monique Taylor-Lincoln, MS, MHC, MFT, LMHC, LMFT (on contract)


Pastoral Advisor

Rev. Peter Truong


Media Relations

Carol Wright