Our Holy Ground mentors travel the journey with our young mothers, and their children, as these courageous young women develop the self-confidence to make positive changes in their lives.

The moms who join our program are often fearful, unsure of themselves, and may have trust issues. Many, if not all, have suffered adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Mentor w familyOne of the reasons that Holy Ground offers a long-term program is that it can sometimes take years for them to learn to trust in our process, our program, and our Holy Ground family. Once they understand that we have their back, and they begin to see small successes in their lives — and especially in the lives of their children — they really take off! Their progress accelerates, and their successes get bigger and more frequent. Even more important, as our young moms begin to change their lifestyles for the better, they model these healthy behaviors for their children. This is the beginning of generational change, which is a key goal of our program.

As a mentor, you will be a critical part of helping these young mothers become healthy, stable, and productive members of our Palm Beach County community. You will receive a mentor training session and meet others who are also volunteering as mentors. You will then be matched with one of our moms. Our goal is that, with your emotional support, guidance, tough love — and plenty of patience! — your mentee will ultimately feel empowered to progress personally and socially throughout her time with Holy Ground. We ask that you meet regularly – either virtually or in person – with the mother and child(ren) with whom you’ve been paired, to offer advice, encouragement, and perhaps transportation if needed. Through this bond, you will also be a key liaison between your young family and Holy Ground staff, helping you to keep staff apprised imagejpeg001_cropof the changing needs of both the mother and her child(ren).

If you are considering becoming a mentor, please contact us at 561-355-5040 or to obtain a copy of our Holy Ground Mentor packet.

Once you review the packet, we hope you will decide to join our mentor team! If so, welcome to the family, and please contact us to arrange for a training session!