Home and Hope – Our core residential program, Home and Hope, provides shelter and mentoring to young, homeless, pregnant or parenting mothers – and their children – living in Palm Beach County, who are willing to make positive changes in their lives. Throughout this long-term program, these mothers learn the skills necessary to become healthy, productive, and self-reliant young women. Moreover, they model these behaviors for their children – an Stockard Family Campus 1. JPGimportant step toward achieving generational change, which is a key goal of our program. During their time with Holy Ground, our young families live in their own, modestly furnished, safe apartments, so that they will be equipped to live independently once they graduate from our program.

Our young mothers work and attend school and contribute toward their expenses. The amount for which each mom is responsible increases over the years as her earnings increase, until she has shown that she is able to maintain herself. Once she graduates, she becomes part of our Independent Living/Aftercare program, and her progress is monitored to ensure she is able to sustain her independence.

Outreach – Holy Ground also provides services to those at-risk pregnant or parenting mothers who have a place to live, but who need a helping hand to survive and thrive. They are assisted with baby equipment and resources, and they also benefit from many of the services that our residential families do, with the exception of on-going financial support.

In addition, our Outreach program provides emergency assistance to our mothers and children, as well as to young moms and kids in the larger community, on a limited basis. Since life invariably includes the unexpected, Holy Ground is there with temporary financial assistance when our young mothers encounter an unplanned financial snag, so that they do not fall deeper into debt. We have also assisted at-risk mothers and children in our community, on a limited basis, with small expenses, baby equipment and other supplies. During the pandemic, we temporarily expanded our Outreach program in order to provide shelter to older moms and their children, many of whom lost their housing because of COVID-driven restrictions that impacted the organizations that were assisting them.

Independent Living/Aftercare13_IMG_2660A mother who has successfully progressed through our program, and who has developed the skills and the financial stability to step out on her own, is considered to have graduated from Holy Ground! With best wishes, love, and high hopes – and a party! – she moves from her apartment on one of our two campuses to an apartment of her own choosing. In so doing, she becomes part of our Aftercare program. She can still participate in all Holy Ground activities, and her family still receives case management, but she is monitored less frequently than when she was in our residential program. By this point, our young mom has learned how to manage her budget, maintain her own place, and balance her chosen vocation with the raising of her child, so that she can sustain a healthy, stable and productive lifestyle.