Holy Ground PBC Impact Reports


THANK YOU to our generous donors and partner organizations, who have been helping us survive through the daily challenges — both in resources and in funding — of the pandemic. We quite literally would not have made it thus far without your help and support.

We are proud to share that to date five of our young families have advanced to independent living and are continuing to sustain themselves!

Our ACE Project (commenced in 2019: see below) has been funded and almost all of the members of our organization have completed the training. The young moms in our program, and their children, have been risk-assessed and will be receiving trauma-informed counseling. In the next phases, we plan to roll out the ACE program to larger and larger populations, until ultimately it is implemented throughout all of Palm Beach County.

But that’s by no means all! See our 2020 impact report to learn about what else we have been accomplishing!

2020 Impact Report


Did you know that in 2019 Holy Ground partnered with City House (Delray Beach) to begin development of a pilot program for Palm Beach County that will explore optimal methods of addressing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)?

Did you know that in 2019 Holy Ground co-hosted two action and advocacy workshops on the lack of affordable housing in Palm Beach County? We are deeply invested in this issue since our clients, when they graduate, join the large population of low-income families searching — often in vain — for safe housing they can afford.

And these initiatives are in addition to our on-going mission of sheltering and mentoring young homeless moms and their children. In 2019 alone, we provided our clients over 1000 hours of mentoring and professional counseling — all while keeping our administrative costs to less than 25%.

For more about what we accomplished in 2019, please take a look at our 2019 impact report (if you were able to attend our luncheon, you already have a copy!):

2019 Impact Report


For comparison, here’s our report from 2016. Look how much we’ve grown in just three years!

During that time, we ran a successful capital campaign to purchase our first residential property, which we opened in the spring of 2018 and paid off in full in the spring of 2019, thanks to our generous grantors!

2016 Impact Report