Hope you had fun…

… and adopted lots of bears
and “purchased” lots of bricks to help us
build a home and hope during our
7th Annual Holy Ground Luncheon!

purpleDividerBarOnWhiteThank you for attending our Capital Campaign Kickoff Party!

We hope you enjoyed the evening. THANK YOU for helping us to build a home and hope for young homeless moms and their children!

Here is the coverage of our party in the Palm Beach Daily News, and a link to additional photos.purpleDividerBarOnWhiteThank you to all who supported us during the Great Give. Here are some of the vocational successes our clients have already achieved because of YOUR help:

DD had been making it on her own. It wasn’t easy, but it was manageable. She was
working at a low-wage job, but had plans for a vocation in childcare and had taken steps to achieve it. Then, as is so often the case, one piece of the puzzle slipped out of place, and the whole picture fell apart.

Her roommate (who was also babysitting for DD’s daughter so that DD could attend her childcare courses) moved out. She now had the care of her small child 24×7, which caused her coursework to suffer. When she could no longer maintain her GPA, she lost her financial aid. DD had to give up her dream of a degree. On top of that, she could no longer afford the apartment she had shared with her former roommate, so she and her daughter were about to become homeless.

Fortunately, DD found Holy Ground. With our financial support (and with her little one in daycare), she restarted work on her childcare certification. Thanks to our family of contacts, we were able to facilitate her employment at a daycare facility. Her supervisor there – and the children – loved her! She first passed her state certification exam, and has now received her CDA (Child Development Associate) Credential, a further stepping-stone to higher wages.

Thanks to Holy Ground, who was able to provide her shelter and smooth out the bumps in her career path, DD is back on track!

♥       ♥       ♥

When HH entered our program, she had no idea what kind of job she wanted to have. She had worked at various low-income jobs, but none of them seemed to lead her anywhere. HH had no real plan for her future.

Once in Holy Ground’s program, HH worked with our vocational director. Thanks to the individual attention she received, she was able to identify an interest in health care. With our support, she started classes on how to be a home health aide.

HH not only received her certification as a Home Health Aide with a near-perfect score on the exam, but has now completed her CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) certification course. She is currently studying for the CNA State License exam.

Now that she has a vocational goal and is on track to achieve it, HH is on her way to becoming self-sufficient. With a steady income, she will finally be able to provide a better life for her little girl.

♥       ♥       ♥

JJ joined our program with a particular career goal in mind. As she delved into the required coursework, however, she found that the discipline was not at all a good fit for her skillset. With her interpersonal skills, she was better suited to a job where she could interact one-on-one with people.

After learning about the kinds of jobs other Holy Ground clients were enjoying, she decided to change direction.

JJ is now working as a certified phlebotomist at a Palm Beach County hospital. Like any good phlebotomist, she has successfully zeroed in on her target!

With the guidance of Holy Ground’s vocational director, she now plans to pursue certification as an EKG technician, which will further expand her employment options. JJ has found a career she loves and a path to self-sufficiency for herself and her small child.