Mother’s Month 2022

Celebrating mothers

At Holy Ground, every day is Mother’s Day! We support and celebrate the young moms in our program 365 days a year. But in May we like to honor some of the mothers in our Holy Ground PBC family in a special way.


Jonetha 2

We can’t let the month of May pass without honoring one of the strongest mothers we know – our very own Operations Director, Jonetha Curtis-Coleman!

Not only does she manage our bustling Stockard Campus and keep our young families there on track, Jonetha is also an invaluable aid and support to our busy Executive Director, and she continually offers new ideas to improve our program from her wealth of experience.

No matter what needs to be done, Jonetha steps up to say, “No worries. I’ll do it!” even when that means she has to go way out of her way to get it done. When one of our moms gave birth to a baby who required on-going care at a hospital in the Miami area, it was Jonetha who accompanied this young and worried mom on her first train trip down to the hospital, and it was Jonetha who waited the whole day at a nearby coffee shop (doing work for Holy Ground, of course) until the mom was ready to head home.

Even when, after a heart-wrenching struggle, she lost her beloved mom to Covid in 2020, Jonetha faithfully continued her duties for Holy Ground.

Somehow, she also finds time to care for her large family of adopted children, as well as a husband with medical issues, creates incredible confections in her spare time, and occasionally moonlights as Mrs. Claus!

Jonetha, we are so blessed to have you –
and your loving heart and can-do attitude –
as part of our Holy Ground family!

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HG mom

Today we are celebrating another amazing mother! This young lady graduated from Holy Ground’s program in the fall of 2020 and is now living – in fact, thriving! – independently.

While in our residential program, she received her Associate’s Degree… Holy Ground’s very first college graduate!  She continues to further her education to this day, with the goal of advancing in her chosen career. Currently, she works two jobs – one of them in her vocation of choice – in addition to attending school and raising her bright and beautiful daughter.

Some of you may recall listening to her heartfelt address at our Tropical Luau. What you may not have known is that this young mother is not comfortable in the spotlight, and it took an enormous amount of courage for her to stand up in front of all of you and speak into the mike!

That is the kind of victory that Holy Ground celebrates in all of our young moms – finding the courage to step out of your comfort zone; achieving a goal, however small it may seem to others; digging deep for the resilience to bring your best self to the challenges of motherhood, to work responsibilities, to schoolwork… or in this case, to all three at the same time!

Here’s to this brave mom in our Holy Ground family,
who is creating a brighter future for herself
and her daughter – each and every day!

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Angela Wing-Allen has never failed to bring her vibrant wit, wisdom and winning attitude to bear on every task, meeting and project for our organization! As Holy Ground PBC’s Development Director, she is largely responsible for bringing in the grant income that keeps our program afloat. As our Vocational Director, she also works individually with each of the young moms in our program on both their vocational and their academic goals, at the high school and college level.

Angela spends a huge amount of time interviewing and testing our young moms to determine their skillsets; arranging for standardized testing; finding tutors; assisting them in finding financial aid; staying on top of them to ensure they meet critical deadlines; helping them job search; advising them on resume writing, job interviewing, and dressing for a professional appearance; guiding them as they advance in their chosen career paths; and even providing transportation when needed.

This doesn’t even include her work as a Holy Ground mentor, ACE project coordinator, interim co-Executive Director, or team cheerleader!

Through her work as Vocational Director and/or mentor, Angela has been a surrogate mom to every one of Holy Ground’s young mothers over the past ten years. On top of that, she remains a mother-warrior for her own two adult children.

In celebration of a fabulous mother –
here’s to you, Angela Wing-Allen!

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Special Thanks


to Bobbi Perry and Robin Mahan, President and Secretary, respectively, of the St Vincent de Paul Society at St Patrick Catholic Church in Palm Beach Gardens (shown here with Dr Valerie) for brightening Mother’s Day for our young moms!

They held a little social at our Stockard campus and spoke movingly about motherhood to each of the moms there. Besides presenting bouquets to each of our moms, they generously donated gift cards for WalMart and Duffy’s to the moms as well!

Thank you so much, Ms Bobbi and Ms Robin,
and everyone at St Patrick’s St Vincent de Paul,
on behalf of the grateful mothers in our program,
from all of us at Holy Ground!

See below for more photos from the Mother’s Day social they hosted for us!