2021 End-of-Year Appeal

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As we move through these weeks of the holiday season, we wanted to suggest some reasons why we believe an end-of-year donation to Holy Ground PBC is a mutual blessing. Of course, your gift of support to our young mothers and their little ones is a blessing for them, as this enables us to shelter and mentor them as they develop the skills to be self-reliant. And we believe giving blesses the giver, too, as it allows the light in your heart to shine, and the warmth in your heart to glow, when you share it with others.

IMG_1467Love candleREASON 4
Thanks to two of our mentors, Holy Ground now has an after-school tutoring program! Started during the summer to help children who struggled with virtual learning to catch up, The Learning Tree is now an on-going part of our program. In addition to getting help with their homework, the children have the chance to share their feelings during Circle Time, and learn about how to treat each other with love and kindness. Your year-end donations would help Holy Ground to maintain the Learning Tree tutoring center, this safe haven where our children grow and bloom. Thank you!



oooooiiiiiiREASON 3
Holy Ground, along with their ecstatic moms, experienced the joy of bringing four new, precious little lives into our family this year – all girls! Each tiny daughter is growing, developing, and learning every day. And eating! An end-of-year gift to help their moms continue to feed, clothe, and diaper these busy babies would be deeply appreciated. Thank you!


ooooooooiiiREASON 2
Cypresspeace candle 2Thanks to you, our generous donors, Holy Ground has been able to purchase the building that we had been leasing. As of this November, it is our second campus! We feel blessed to be able to provide our young families with the peace and security of their own apartments. We would be so grateful if you would consider a year-end gift iiiiiii.ooooooooto help us pay off the mortgage and complete renovations. Thank you!


Hope candleREASON 1
Holy Ground is Graduation cropending our year with a huge helping of hope. We are ever hopeful that the pandemic will recede, of course, but mostly we are continually uplifted by the progress of our courageous young mothers. One of our moms graduated from Palm Beach State in August, with top grades! Please help us support the educational and vocational hopes of all of the moms in our family with a year-end donation. Thank you!


If you wish to make a donation:

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  • Write a check made payable to Holy Ground PBC and send it to the address below.

We would be deeply grateful!

Season’s Blessings


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