Highlights of Our 2020 Accomplishments

Healthy Babies Born – Holy Ground PBC was blessed to welcome three new babies born into our program without complications to either mother or child. In the U.S., black women are 2 to 6 times more likely to die from complications of pregnancy than white women, depending on where they live.

Independent Living – Five young families have moved to our Independent Living Program and are staying connected to us through our Aftercare.

Educational Successes – Three of our young moms completed their A.A. degrees – two are continuing their studies, and one is learning the banking business while working at a local bank. One other mom is studying criminal justice at the same college. One other young mom passed her phlebotomy class and will soon be taking her state exam. Another one of our clients will be returning to beauty school this month.

ACE Project – Holy Ground is co-developing (with another agency) this county-wide pilot program that will address Adverse Childhood Experiences, such as family dysfunction or abuse, which have been found to alter a child’s brain development and may have life-long effects on the body. ACEs are also believed to be the root cause of adult violence, suicide, etc. Research indicates that toxic stress during childhood can harm the most basic levels of the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems, and that such exposures can even alter the physical structure of DNA. Changes to the brain from toxic stress can affect such things as attention, impulsive behavior, decision-making, learning, emotion, and response to stress. It is our hope that, through this exciting program, we can prevent our children from experiencing ACEs and help our young moms to heal and build resiliency.

Unite PBC – Holy Ground PBC is one of the inaugural organizations to be invited to join the Unite PBC network, which connects community partners who provide a broad range of services such as housing, employment, food assistance, behavioral health, utilities, and more.

Faith In Action PBC – In 2019, Holy Ground PBC served as a catalyst in the formation of Faith in Action PBC. FIAPBC is a collaboration between the faith-based community and civic leaders that seeks to address the near-crisis in safe and affordable housing in Palm Beach County. This lack of housing has had a direct impact on our clients once they graduate from our program. In 2020, FIAPBC hosted a successful virtual information/advocacy workshop in which participants were made aware of the startling statistics related to this issue and ways in which to advocate for change. For information, contact FIAPBC directly.